Catalunya 1400

The International Gothic Style

Exhibition from 29 March to 15 July 2012



The exhibition for the familyCapitals. The world in an initial

Discover all the details hiding in the initial letters of medieval manuscripts: people, plants, animals and architectural elements, amongst lots of other secrets. We suggest you venture with your family into the world of miniaturists and copyists in 15th-century Catalonia: fill your notebook with drawings taking your inspiration from the works in the exhibition and end the visit decorating your initial in the family space you’ll find at the end of the visit.

Unaccompanied family activity included in the admission


Itinerary through the Gotic quarter City, artists and patrons in 15th-century Barcelona

A guided tour of the city that will let us get to know the political, social and cultural context in which the International Gothic style developed in Barcelona. We can enter the cathedral and part of the Museu d’Història de Barcelona, see other important works from the same period covered in the exhibition and draw parallels between some of the most important artistic works of the time and the urban context they belonged to.

With the collaboration of the S.E. Catedral Basílica de Barcelona and the MUHBA

7 April – 14 July. Saturdays, 11 am

Meeting point: outside the main entrance of Barcelona cathedral

Free activity included in the admission

Registration required on tel. 93 622 03 75 (minimum 10 people)

Guided tours of the exhibition

Duration:1 h 30 min. Free service (included in admission). Places limited

Audio devices will be issued 20 minutes before each visit at the groups desk. Maximum punctuality is requested.

In special cases, the Museum may modify conditions for access to the guided tour. We regret any inconvenience.

Starting 7 April

Saturdays, 11 am (Spanish) and 12.30 pm (Catalan)

Duration:1 h 30 min.